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Handwoven Rugs
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Madaket mall MatHandwoven Madaket Mall Mats

Materials for these handwoven rugs come from the "Take it or Leave it" building at the Nantucket dump - affectionately called the "Madaket Mall". As they are found items- colors vary. Maximum size that can be made is 15 sq. ft. Choice of 3 finishes: sewn edge • braided fringe • knotted fringe

Rosepath Design

Linen & terrycloth rugs in two designs: Rosepath (shown left) and Stria (shown below left). The perfect bathroom rug - Made from recycled towels. $50 per square foot.

Standard size 2' X 3' - $300.

Madaket Mall Mats

Stria RugStria Design

Custom sizes and colors available up to 15 square feet maximum in either design.

Price: $50 per square foot

Stria Rug

Khaki RugKhaki Rug

Handwoven Linen & Cotton Rug with a sewn edge, this rug is made from recycled Khaki pants.

Price: $50 per square foot

Khaki Rug

Recycled Jeans RugJeans Rug

Handwoven Linen & Cotton Denim Rug with a sewn edge, this rug is made from recycled jeans.

Price: $50 per square foot

Recycled Jeans Rug