Island Weaves | Nantucket
Handwoven Upholstery

Upholstery fabric is custom woven at a width of approximately 51" with a great assortment of colors on most. Please call to discuss. Lead time is usually 4-8 weeks. Also, knit backing can be applied for an additional $11. per yd.

Click on fabric swatches for enlargement.

AL 5 - Linen, Wool and Chenille

Color: Pebble

$155. yd.

a2b GreenAL 2B - Cotton & Alpaca

Color shown : Green

$135. yd

al5 PebbleVK31-Linen, Wool, Chenille and Cotton

Color: Sand

$150. yd

al5c WillowAL5C - Cotton, Chenille and Wool

Color: Willow

$150 yd.

vk2b MauveVK2B - Cotton & Chenille

Color: Ivory with Mauve

$155. yd.

vk42 BlueVK 42 - Cotton, Chenille & Rayon

Color: Blue

$145. yd.

Madaket Upholstry FabricMadaket

Linen, Cotton & Cotton Chenille

$150. yd.

New York NightNY Night

Linen, Cotton & Rayon

$145. yd.

New York SkylineNY Skyline

Linen & Silk

$170. yd

Shimmo Upholstry FabricShimmo

Linen, Cotton & Cotton Chenille

$145. yd.



Linen, Cotton & Cotton Chenille

$145. yd.